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I will try to keep you informed on what is happening with the site. There have been a number of changes since you last looked!

Shirley has published a series of 4 new books through Brolly Books and can be purchased from their website or from David Jones, these books are:
Little Fairys Busy Day
Little Fairy where are you going
Little Fairy and the diamond necklace
Little Fairy to the rescue

Emma & Andrew (our very talented and new publishers) have very quickly put together 4 Colour-In and Stickers books and the Fairies 2013 Calendar that can be purchased from their website.
Shirley is currently working on a new series based on little bunny adventures which are just beautiful, I love the story where the father bunny is digging in the burrow, and discovers a cave filled with beautiful crystals!

We are currently finding new publishers to produce the books and other beautiful products that have been hard to find in the past.

I have encoded all the images in the Artwork Catalogue with a Digital Marking & Tracking system called Digimarc, This allowed me to make the Copyright logo on these images less noticeable, so that you can now see more detail.
New Images have been uploaded for you to see in the Artwork Catalogue - Images 1209 to 1254 with lots of icons.
The Age newspaper ran an article on Shirley, due to The Five Mile Press selling over 10 million of her books, and 40 million jigsaw puzzles, a photographer (Gary Medicott) and journalist (Katherine Kizilos) came out and took pictures & notes, then produced a wonderful article which can be seen here.

The Gems game is now working and stores your highest score!
The e-cards are now working in the Fairy Fan Club again, Thanks to Bille for informing me of the problem.
I have made the Fairy Fan Club easier to join (Less details required!)
I have disabled and removed the tempting shopping cart section as we have now left the retail side up to the retail sellers so that we can concentrate our efforts on new products. All of the products displayed can be purchased or ordered from your local supplier.
I have disabled the add guestbook entry as we are having troubles with inapropriate spamming, if you would like an entry, please contact me with your entry.
I have added a painting package for you play with, you can use the paint brush just like a real watercolour paint brush! You can mix any colour in the rainbow & then print your pictures out when you have finished. The last page of the paint package allows you to paint freely! You can change the size of the paint brush with the up & down arrows.
I almost forgot to mention that you can mix your colours using the paint palette. Have fun! .

Shirley's Artwork Catalogue! We have opened up Shirley's artwork catalogue for everyone to see, take a look at her work!

Shirley's Studio Camera!    In about 3 months we will have an art studio camera running during the day, so you will be able to see Shirley working & painting in almost real time, this will be updated every 2 seconds for you to see!    I have the web cam set up so you can have a preview of what the quality will be like! Click here to see the trial page.


Coming Soon


So these are my tasks that I am currently working on, please be patient and come back and check out the updates.

This site was created by Konrad Turner ( Web Master ) and the Artwork was provided by Shirley Barber ( my mother! ).

Konrad ;)